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Odd Wednesdays

We're done for the summer!
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Odd Wednesdays Fish DuckHave a drink
Hear a story
Tell a lie

Odd Wednesdays aren't for little kids or faint of heart. These are stories about life in and for the twenty-first century.They may not be politically correct. They may not be 100% accurate.

Be there. Or be somewhere else.

Odd Wednesdays is on vacation

We had a wonderful run at AS220 with dozens of storytellers and hundreds of satisfied audience members.

We're still working out the bugs on the podcast...

But be sure to see us when we surface again.

Last season's performers included:

Carolyn Martino
Michael Anderson
Jackson Gillman
Clare Vadeboncoeur
Mark Binder
Keith Munslow
Tony Toledo
Rory Raven
and Judith Black